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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1600-1639

Now in awe I see
in paradise our sire
not fallen from Grace
and quitting all, I consider
him while a voice within—
not from fake Apollo
from oak or from grotto
nor from carved icons
but from true Tian
says, “Gnothi seauton!”
[1610] the celestial ladder
that lifts intelligence to God
above one’s small self.
By studying the stars
and the sun’s revolutions
we can in the invisible light
meet the Maker; but not
so precisely as by starting
from our minds and flying
towards Him with thoughts
[1620] not “human too human.”
Just, as our eye rays
anywhere they pay attention:
wilderness seas rivers
high chains or canyons,
don’t see themselves
and must use mirrors;
our inattentive intellect
(distracted by the art
of the supreme Painter)
[1630] misses itself unless
it is cleansed by crystal-
clear waters of Veritas
thus made able to admire
its meaning in the mirror
of the Almighty who made
it in his lovely likeness.
If you chance to be stained
cleanse yourself and see
God beam in your bosom.

(to be continued on Nov. 26)

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