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Sunday, November 26, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1640-1708


After allotting animals
He liked them and added,
Let us make Man in our
image.” Heaven and earth
and stars had been set
with nobody’s counsel
but now He needs “us.”
Hearken O Hebrews
listen to LORD’s voice!
He speaks to Himself.
[1650] You unluckily lack
Papacy and Pentecostals
that makes things tougher.
You don’t take in the Trinity
while It to us is—veiled.
You see Him as a smith
who loitering late at night
alone among his tools,
no apprentices around,
hurries himself with
[1660] common mumbling:
Hmm, let’s shape a sword
or a sharp scythe or plow.”
Nonsense! and worse
than that, slanderous lies!
Jews should justify
the ways of God to gentiles.
Like dangerous tigers
jailed in a little cage
unable to deal blows
[1670] roar behind the bars
and express the sadness
that gnaws at their guts,
heretics when cornered
conjecture that Jehovah
addressed the angels
who encircle his Chair,
asked cherubim for help
summoning his servants
(our obedient bros) and
[1680] naming them masters
in the making of Man.
But who can equal El?
Oh the blind brains
the folly of the profane!
Should God summon his
servants and not his Son?
Can “in our image” mean
that one shape is shared
by Adonai and the angels
[1690] as his link to Logos?
Our likeness with Elohim
does not befit the body,
it refers to reason, his
proper propeller in us
whose pattern is Trinity.
As He knows himself
and this releases love:
the origin of the Word
the procession of Pneuma,
[1700] a tripling Light
in three Hypostases,
so our mind emits
the will and both bear
memory as the outcome.
Human nature therefore
possessing three powers
implies a divine icon
includes God in itself.

(to be continued on Dec. 3)

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