SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1709-1755

God the Father forged
[1710] the inner humanity
after the pattern of Love
packaged in Adam and
concealed from senses.
And since He is wise just
and merciful bear(s)
He stands transgressors
and softens soon. So
Man was manufactured
according to Agape
[1720] and various virtues
marked his demeanor.
As Renaissance artists
in their stupendous styles
superimpose color layers
and spread the shading
till the painting is perfect
so the Painter of psyche
highlights our souls
and with Venetian nuances
[1730] makes them magnific.
Or, Michelangelo chisels
fragments away from marble
till out of the big boulder
dancing Dionysus emerges;
the Redeemer removing
from matter its most
hard earthily features
created Adam in clay
as a convincing image
[1740] of Elohim’s essence.
Alas, such colors and light
are stained and smeared
by descendants developing
into something different
no more a divine image
but a Dantean serpent in
the smoky slums of Dis,
our horrific humanity.
Know yourself consequently
[1750] as degenerate gods
and try to enlarge souls
to hold bodies at bay
so as to regain the Origin
and Man may once again
inherit Elohim’s home.

(to be continued on Dec. 10)