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Sunday, December 17, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1804-1874

by ilTM + Selkis

He, again: “I gave you
angiospermous plants
self-sown by seeds
which will nourish you
solidly with sparrows
hens hummingbirds and
[1810] the heavier hulks
manned by their animae.”
In our prelapsarian planet
food also was felicitous
not gurgling with gore
nor the juice of injustice,
provided to anthropoi and
their fellow animals alike
that gladly obeyed them.
Nobody was murdered by
[1820] poisonous plants or snakes
every item made on Earth
was healthy and sweet.
No bloody teeth and claws
of wolves lions bears
no vulture ate corpses
for no dude was dead
no rotten carcass made
the atmosphere stink.
Throughout green fields—
[1830] as swans nowadays
do or dogs sometimes
led by Nature’s cues
to find fitting drugs—
spring grass was enough
for wolverines as well.
No assassin hunters
no hidden snares
against gorgeous game;
Mowgli-friendly felines
[1840] with satisfied faces
followed Eve’s footsteps
waiting for her will.
Not just a jungle king
over pythons ’n’ parrots
and over flying fish
was Man, but the master
of his innermost instincts
and Freudian thoughts,
yep, a reliable leader.
[1850] When however they
rebelled against the Rule
beasts boycotted them
and their frail frames
(the dowry of Death)
needed underdone steaks
mortal food for mortals
in a less happy hotel,
that is, after the Flood
had erased everything.
[1860] But Man maintained
his divine iconography,
did not lose leadership
over animals: he legally
or rather self-serving
provides prey and clothing
to his hyperactive limbs.
This is not abuse at all
but a norm of Nature
of Dios indeed who destined
[1870] to Man beasts birds
above and fish below.
Consummatum est. He saw
that his works were OK
and napped in nirvana.

(Christmas holidays: to be continued on Jan. 7)