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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

[GBM] "That was the true Light"

from Bronzino

Cyprus, 1000 BC or so, Midsummer. Immediately after bumping into the sleeping Adonis, Venus calls her son, Love, to her. Throughout the poem -- Marino's Adone -- Love shifts from one shape to another, with basically three options: a baby Cupid, a lustful teenager (like here), and a cosmic power. Line 4 includes a cutting remark against Apollo, who acts as Venus' self-righteous adversary in the poem. The myth of Love and Psyche will be developed in canto 4.


With such great and clear splendor his
beautiful heavenly body always shines
that any other light loses, and would
(Sun not excluded) look weak and feeble.
No wonder if Psyche, with her eyes still
closed by sleep, felt her heart burn, and
in comparison with that eternal light,     see John 1.9
saw the golden lamp flicker and fade.

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