SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 1-65

The "Hero of Two Worlds"

Songday 7

Rome when its mega-empire
was spread West to East
and to Libya and England,
to its imperialist people
showed two theaters together
that gyrated and joined
so the spectators on either
side, hidden to each other,
when the stands united
[10] making one ring
could watch each other
and seeing those circles
full of sitting citizens
they were in awe before
that technological trick.
This other swivel theater
of ours, made by Adonai
as his counter-Colosseum
contains in one sphere
[20] two huge hemispheres
invisible to each other
and the opposite peoples
cannot observe each other:
they both believed that
in the other half of Earth
all lands were wilderness
if not wholly underwater.
The stars turn and turn
but the varying scenery
[30] will never reveal to us
our antipodal brothers
or show them our homes
along these sort of stairs
with relative latitudes.
What proves impossible
to turning constellations
is fulfilled by Thought
turning swiftly in itself
like perpetual motion:
[40] It flies over the veil
of geography, and in God
admires a real-size map
so that the lands lessen
in the eyes of the spirit
and all peoples appear.
On the cosmic stands
a mystical pilgrim can
see Scandinavia as well
as Africa and Far East,
[50] the Great Bear about
Arcturus and, together,
the opposite Pole’s stars;
not because the globe
shrinks but inside Shaddai
the Emanation expands
and surveys the universe.
This saw Saint Benedict—
who left a luminous path
in the sky by passing away—
[60] following his thoughts.
Such a soul will search
the position of Paradise
in some strange climate
with extraordinary trees
where Adam was destined.

(to be continued on Jan. 14)