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Sunday, January 28, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 127-205

by ilTM-Selkis
after Disney-Dali's Destino

He slept serene in man:
Why is humanity uneasy?
Restless is our race, so
[130] are Nature’s trends:
fire revolves fidgety
beyond the biosphere,
air attacked by winds
is split into shards,
water waves peacelessly,
and apparently steady
earth staggers and shakes
causing the collapse of
towns and mountains
[140] as its belly breaks
and revealing the hell—
pape Satan aleppe!
prepares Armageddon.
In their Creator alone
created things are tranquil;
He rests in himself
needing nothing more
because He is the Holon
and presides at the spa
[150] that will welcome us.
If He slept on our soil
we’ll subside in Walhalla.
When He wonderfully
merged into humanity,
to our stressful existence
He gave sweet salvation:
now Grace and Glory
make man amuse himself.
Consequently Day Six
[160] was creation’s sunset
no new items were made.
She-Creator consistently
gave birth to birds ’n’ suns
and all present processes
by clicking on link 6.
Let those who studied
anthropological algebra
show the significancy of 6
the mother of so many
[170] facts and figures
throughout our planet.
Number 7 instead does
not bring forth a thing
and comes from nowhere,
simply try and see.
We can do without the
arrogant achievements
of mundane wisdom;
let’s stick to the Scriptures’
[180] views about the week.
The Jews used to honor
the sixth day in tents
manufactured with fronds
and in the holy holiday
celebrated with shofars
so that the seventh day
also acquired importance.
Seventh years similarly
had a mystic meaning:
[190] in the preceding six
it was to lawful to furrow
ones fields with plows
and sow seeds generously
but in the seventh they
were content with the
fruits of untilled Nature.
Slavery lasted six years
then Jacob and the Jews
were free. The fierce yoke
[200] of absolutist Assyrians
outre-Euphrate in Babylon
oppressed them 60 years
plus nine, then ancient
freedom flashed again
when 7 multiplied 10.

(to be continued on Feb. 4)

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