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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 66-126

by Nivalis70 (website)

The planet had been put
the sky had been set
the six days were done
as a true masterpiece
[70] when Elohim halted
and precisely on Saturday
Ho On was on vacation.
He’d make no more
just save the existent
and put on Providence.
But He felt unsatisfied:
He could not be contented
with the sky, tho splendid
with satellites and stars
[80] He dropped astronomy
He shunned the sun
He dismissed the moon
and as for planet Earth
He recovered no relax
in spite of its stillness.
Where could the Creator
of clockworks calm down?
Only never-ending things
won’t adequately be quit
[90] the more so as motions
suppose a steady point.
The sky doesn’t stop
rolling around two poles
but it would not wheel
without a blocked core,
that promoted the myth of
Atlas on whose shoulders
the sky firmly flowed.
All wandering animals
[100] couldn’t climb or run
without a steady section,
the main end of muscles
providing the pivot.
So, it fitted the First Mover
to be motionless, moreover
to stop in something firm
but that was not Terra:
What other object then?
what’s steadier than Earth?
[110] Man it is, God’s goal
as the end of energy
(basically not braking but
He did cease creating).
Man is harder than Arda
because he really reflects
the Numen and he needs
to let his frailty fall so
as to enjoy eternity in
the cinematic Kingdom.
[120] Thus He also hinted
at his own doom of death
and foretold from Day 7
that before his suffering
Christ who sarx egéneto
would rest, like the rest,
in restorative sleep.

(to be continued on Jan. 28)

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