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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

[GBM] Love hurts

Frida Kahlo, The Wounded Deer, 1946

While answering Venus' questions, Love hugs her until an arrow in his sheath 'accidentally' wounds her, and at the same time he shows her Adonis (who sleeps in the shade, near a brook). The goddess can't help falling in love with Adonis.


She turns toward him whom Love indicates—
can easily see him as he lies nearby—
and shouts,  "Alas! Alas! I've been betrayed,
O ungrateful, O cruel, O cheating son!     almost paraphrasing King Lear*
Ha, what is this sweet wound I feel?
Ha, what welcome fire exhausts me?
What extraordinary beauty is shown me?     nova (see Dante)
Mars and heaven, I don't belong there now!"

* Incidentally, Adone was published in the First-Folio year 1623.

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