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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

[GBM] Venus blames her husband

Vulcan, from Velázquez

Here, again, Marino adds a different or, at least, accessory explanation for Venus falling in love with Adonis, probably reusing verse he had worked out on some prior occasion. Namely, Venus blames her unhappy situation as Vulcan's wife -- though, to tell the truth, she had already solved this problem by starting a sex story with Mars. It is worth noting that Vulcan in this long poem is also despised by his and Venus' son, Love, for the same "aesthetic," i.e. social and psychological, reasons.


"Why should I be subject to this cruel fate:
that my beauty is enjoyed by a blacksmith,
such a harsh, a rough, an unrefined spouse,
and uncombed, hairy, and smoked, and tough?
What eternal law, worse than death, forces     Sanatana Dharma!
me to kiss those prickly lips of his?—
lips fitter for blowing upon the coal
in a horrid furnace than for kissing."

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