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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 206-248

by ilTM + Selkis

Now let’s see our lore.
Seven times a day do
saints slip ’cause of Adam
and the load of flesh but
[210] Mercy supports them:
number 7 accompanies us.
Enoch the 7th Patriarch
did not meet Death, thus
hinting at the holy Church
that outlived even Rome.
Moses, 7th after Abraham
was entrusted the Torah:
Conversion and Astraea
and the Word’s avatara
[220] in the flesh in Bethlehem
and his salutary teaching
and his sublime Law
were Moses’ must-see.
The seventy-seventh
descendant of Adam was
Mary’s unexpected son.
Peter also apprehended
the secret strength of 7
the flag of forgiveness
[230] tho’ not immediately
because he first faltered
but was confirmed by Kyrios
who unlocked his box
of eleos and eternity
and fostered forgiveness
70 times seven times.
To the curse of Cain
imbued with Abel’s blood
Peter’s pardon echoes
[240] like a countermelody.
LORD’s love overcomes
Lamech’s sinful fury
and his scarce sympathy;
against sin’s metastasis
grace gains ground.
To criminals needing
infinite indulgence
divine Love will listen.

(to be continued on Feb. 11)

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