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Sunday, February 11, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 249-313

Edgar Allan Poe, Al Aaraaf

Forgiveness and feast
[250] seal Day Seven
not Sunday but Sabbath
for Israel’s offspring
who gonna be ghettoized.
That day had a dawn
but would skip sunset
that hasn’t happened yet
in its perpetual light,
while Time’s turnings
delimitate our days
[260] in which we all work
then exhausted sleep—
before that frightening
devastating day comes,
the threatened seventh
when walls and malls
of this sparkling society
will turn into ruins.
Not Agnus Dei but Agni
will dry up the waters
[270] and burn refineries
like an atomic Apollyon
till of the former Earth
scarcely ash will be seen
as the trophy of Thor.
When Big Crunch begins
for the fear of flames
no parties will be planned
no trade agreements
between Bolivia and USA
[280] or Congo and China;
FAO will be fu**ed
by agricultural culture.
Stupor will seize the
whole world, shock will
gulp God’s works in
that unearthly terror.
The righteous will tremble
yeah, all but Abraham
who will laugh at hell,
[290] lifted to the level
he obviously belongs
where Jehovah’s justice
redistributes rewards
according to aletheia.
The Thunderbolt Basileus
will rise in a shroud,
like a vaginal veil
the clouds will uncover
the Op Art of his power
[300] and numberless rows
of warriors will appear
as glossy as Grendizer.
Gold-yellow electricity
in a Bagheera-black sky
passing supersonically
while terrifying trumpets
play Wagner’s Walkyries
and the starry systems
are shaken and collapse.
[310] Horror will overwhelm
Nature, fear will even haunt
the angels all around
the thundering throne.

(to be continued on Feb. 18)

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