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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 314-382

What Eastern President
ever had such soldiers
inside a conquered city
full of fires and blood
and dismembered bodies
and bombed buildings?
[320] Not unfortunate Troy
ground-zeroed by Greeks
or commanding Carthage
then deleted or Corinth
ransacked and ruined
not one incredible chaos
of tears and butchery
can compare with our
world played havoc with,
pyre and grave of itself.
[330] The good-willed will
be abducted by UFOs
commanded by cherubim
and on stealth devices
will fly away swiftly to
the galaxy of righteous.
ballasted by seven sins
the wicked will sink
into a bottomless abyss
[340] to re-emerge no more.
Dies irae dies Godzilla!
Will that day dawn
but have no evening?
Or will there be a halt
to that super-payday
in that final twilight
and will the souls shine
in Day Eight’s light?
When Rome the core
[350] business of bloody
breeders and emperors
was beaten by barbarians
it fell down in fragments
a Cyclopean cemetery;
it would Pope-up anew
more culturally rich
and larger than life, yes,
the Earth is not enough
for its ample ambitions.
[360] So, multiplying much,
the whole universe will
meet its doom, in due time
this revolving theater
will explode in sparkles;
then the divine Director
will shoot a reboot series
independent of time
totally collapse-proof.
This swing temple and
[370] sun will keep still
stars will stop swirling
the saved will stay
in suffused silence
safely from storms
within invisible light
menaced by no night.
Hours will no longer run
from dawn to darkness
season after season,
[380] the great gift will
consist of kabod
in a supreme stillness.

(to be continued on Feb. 25)

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