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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 383-445

Revelation 4-5
by ilTM, Selkis, and Michelangelo

Palms and shining seats
will be the Peers’ prize;
those who battled bravely
in the battlefield of life
and finally triumphed
against Satan in person
stripping him of scales
[390] will ride in rows
after the miles-long flag
of the King of kings.
Christ’s own right hand
in that eternal temple
whence Lucifer fell
will hang Dali’s rendition
of Corpus Hypercubus.
Salve festa dies! Forever
glory, Psalms, and silence
[400] will reign. Rolling minds
will finally find peace
after a flood of thoughts;
now they go astray
almost attracted towards
the lowest levels via
crooked courses or
they envelop themselves
or the sacred center
of the sphere of soul.
[410] Fortune’s fast wheel
will stop with the sky.
Fellings also will fade
which against the Godhead
take retreating steps—
as counter-Crystalline
do Jupiter Saturn Mars
and Venus voyage.
If the stars stop to shift,
as a clear consequence
[420] human minds will
stop, mirroring the sky;
all will gravitate towards
the big Black Holon.
Rest in peace O Psyche
all too often fickle
and indecisive here.
Rest in peace you Grace
and Mer(ed)it. Maybe
you long for apocalypse:
[430] Hope and hold on
against time and fate
by despising death.
While Francis reforms
the Church, or chose to,
let each one in the shrine
of the heart host God
on spiritual altars;
let the soul play priest
and sacrifice sentiments
[440] in flames of love
thus preparing a path
both ephemeral and firm
until the nude pneuma
rushes to the red carpet
of priests and princesses.

(to be continued on March 4)

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