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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[GBM] "Tell me, O Muse. . ." no, not you

by Wilfred Gabriel De Glehn

A 'Marinization' of the classical invocation of the Muse(s). Overturning commonplace, the Graces -- as Venus' maids -- are said to know more things than the Muses themselves; and the erotic aspect is highlighted.


You Graces, you, whose lips are sweetly
infused with the nectar of heaven,
and in the most secret baths, are
accustomed to see her naked beauties,     Venus'
you can untie my tongue, you can
tell of her what the Muses cannot.
Earthly mind does not reach the sky,
not mortal feather flies like God.     penna = feather, pen

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