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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

[GC] Hostem re-Pellas longius


The Battle of Jaffa; the Christian camp. In line 2, Pella was the birthplace of Alexander the Great. In line 6, with a witticism, the old-fashioned word for "scattered" is sparta (sparsa in current Italian), that rhymes with "Sparta."

[18: 15,1 - 16,4]

All made a thick phalanx together
as Rome, Pella, Sparta would praise,
that no assault can mess up or break
while stopping in battle or leaving;
even when it turns and moves, it
never looks mixed up or scattered.
So did Germans and Franks link
shield 'n' shield, helmet 'n' helmet, spear 'n' spear.
Spear 'n' spear, helmet 'n' helmet, shield 'n' shield,
and warrior and warrior, chief and chief,
they appeared as one; blades unsheathed
shone in the air with frightening light.

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