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Sunday, March 4, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 446-503

Sorry for slipping off topic.
From the end of events
lets turn back to Ho Theos
forging our forefather.
[450] No rain had drenched
the dry womb of Mother
Earth, no useful farmer
had been born yet
but a sparkling spring
irrigated the terrains
and mountains moreover
as the Nile notoriously
engrains Egypt with
its miraculous mud.
[460] Watercourse or cloud,
it happened to lie so high
that it soaked the peaks
a spring more probably,
that in the new universe
watered the very ridges
not only lower plains.
Eternal LORD therefore
made Man with mud
concretely a cyborg of
[470] humankind to come
using selected materials
that had recently emerged;
He isolated the fluids
and added due parts
since devoid of defects
was that certified stuff
for the hotel and temple
of the reasoning soul.
Hamartía would afterwards
[480] damage our DNA
hence hunger and thirst
and dozens of diseases
and Pale Rider Death.
Good were both God
and the clay He chose to
manufacture the anatomy
robust and beautiful of
Ur-Mensch, whose hair
and skin hue was rusty.
[490] His mysterious name
expressed his essence
as Authority supreme
Dominus urbis et orbis
for Addams Morticia.
His soul was inspired
to no previous pattern
except the eternal Logos
his likelier likeness.
God instilled spirit into
[500] him, not one ounce
of Baal but brand new
in order to organize
and animate his frame.

(to be continued on March 11)

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