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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 504-556

The Creation of Man

As Lysippus sculpted
Alexanders portrait
whose horned forehead
tilting towards the sky
meant his maha atman
that after earthly empires
[510] asked for the stars,
so the Maker modeled
Man’s eyes skyward
looking at his own origin
while his lasting soul
beseeches beatitude.
Whereas all animals were
forced to fix their eyes
on their material Mother
as the stomach’s servants
[520] too fond of food
and obsessed by sex.
But let Man—if aiming
too high he undeservedly
claims regna caelorum
look humbly at humus
his dusty clay incubator
and destined deathbed
and deflate his dick.
A son of a mere maid
[530] though of a big boss
is proud of his he-parent
who make lots of money
and tries to imitate him
but remembers his mom
and feels a failure;
so let us recall our old
and miserable Mother—
we walk on her womb
with a grandiose gait
[540] as if we had evolved
from extraterrestrial seeds.
We belong to this ball
we move on its mud
we feed on its fruits
and its soil is a reason
to wage furious wars;
technological enterprises
are carried on on earth
so is peace (stay put).
[550] Sometimes humbled
sometimes exalted
our supernatural spirit
shuns both soil and stars
for its goal is God only
compared with whose See
the sky is a low stool.

(to be continued on March 18)

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