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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 557-646

by ilTM + Selkis

Not solely Man’s skull
is a masterpiece made
by the Art that penetrates
[560] the inner mechanics;
as on a mighty tower
watchmen walk and
prevent fiendish forays
planned by plunderers,
the Maker set sentinels
in human heads, senses.
The eyes are defended by
a hairy wall, while the voice
passes through slits both
[570] to receive dispatches
and to send messages.
The tunnels are narrow
slippery is the labyrinth
and a swifter double path
was opened to odors,
soft-surfaced the tongue
that tests the tastes and
touch-screen is the skin
while hyacinthine hair
[580] constitutes the crown
to this building of bones
entangled with nerves
(Campanella’s “spirit”).
A spring of red plasma
is the heart, add glands;
like streams of humors
veins carry from kardía
the blood to the body.
Throughout our structure
[590] the soul is spread
threefold: two are mortal
sisters, the third immortal.
To have her resign herself
to living in a cell of cells
till the day of discharge
from her earthly watch
God gave her a palace
in the height of our head
as the grand empress of
[600] Man the microcosm.
The other two, her subjects,
were lodged below; by
means of an intermediate
floor the profane souls
did not defile the former
since revengeful wrath
was closed in the chest
in auricles and ventricles—
tho she won’t dwell there
[610] and will often freeze it.
Lungs were lodged nearby
blowing like bellows
so as to temper the hot
internal temperatures.
Lust left the upper area
free, as she was forced to,
descending downstairs;
the diaphragm divided
her from the other two,
[620] excited sow in a pen
which feeds furiously
unsuccessful in satisfying
a thousand cravings
now spurred by greed
now burning because
of forbidden desires.
Either of them currently
throws off the yoke
of reason and rebels but
[630] once upon a time
no wars shook the soul
perpetual peace reigned
both powers obeyed her
whose will was law
ever-joined with justice.
Heres how the divine hand
made Man then immortal
by grace, not genetically
like flesh-free angels.
[640] Adam was modeled
in downtown Damascus
according to coded stories;
God then transported him
into paradise prodigiously
adorned with tropical trees
a gorgeous English garden.

(to be continued on March 25)

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