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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 647-723

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There is a zone in Orient
where Helios highlights
the main cosmic belt
[650] existing between the
wheels whence the sun
comes back from Cancer
or abandons Capricorn.
Here surrounded by shades
a high and holy mountain
rises constantly clear
of smoke fog and smog
never visited by twisters
never loved by lightning
[660] or scorched by sun
in heated atmospheres.
In spite of sultriness
making slopes sweat
the heathery highlands
keep graciously green
nor do seasons passing
ravage vegetation but
Planet-Pandora flowers
bloom purple and blue
[670] while pearly dews
bejewel all branches
and turn breasts silver.
There the shadow always
matches the light’s length
and the dazzle of day is
countercharmed by night.
Add a transparent spring
that irrigates the ridges
and pours out pleasure,
[680] and a buzzing breeze
that does not ordinarily
exhale from the earth
and fluttering around
disperse its properties
and waste its wings
but—say—a celestial
breeze bred in the sky
that flying from the East
bends branches westward
[690] endlessly sweet.
Here Adam was set down
worthy of those wonders
where every eminent
plant lived luxuriant
(paradise demonstrandum)
the Life-lender included
and the giant ivy of Evil.
That spring waters first
then exits from Eden
[700] and flows into four:
- Ganges goes as wide
as a secondary sea and
encircles fertile India
with its gold, O England,
and phosphorescent
rocks breaking the night
and quartz glowing green
and piles of valuables
and like an olive tree
[710] leafy bdellium
weeps odoriferous tears
blinking however bitter;
- Number two the Nile
(but Ghicon in Genesis)
encircles Ethiopia
and enriches Egypt;
- Third comes Tigris
as energetic as a tiger,
notorious in the news;
[720] - The fourth, Euphrates;
which both start solidly
then depart then unite
once more in irony Iraq.

(to be continued on Apr. 8)

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