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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

[GBM] The woman of my dreams

Eve's dream, by ilTM + Selkis (and Dürer)

Venus, now completely enchanted by Adonis' beauty, gazes at the boy, who keeps sleeping on the grass and flowers. Therefore she implores the god of dream to appear in Adonis' mind as an image of her, and awake him. The very name "Morpheus" suggests the power of meta-morphosis. An interesting parallel with Eve's dream in Milton's Paradise Lost can be made, where an erotic dimension is also implied.


As soon as she has expressed such words,
her friend Morpheus, who roamed nearby,     i.e. in Adonis' eyes
by using the air and vapors weaves     from Homer
a simulacrum, refined and wonderful.
He puts on that shape, revealing in it
a divine glare of heavenly beauty.
An all-light woman, radiating fire,
Adonis admires in the theater of sleep.

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