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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

[GC] Dangerous rocks

Jaffa in the background of Giorgio Vasari's
1570 painting Perseus and Andromeda

The Muslim chief Argantes, hurt by a stone hurled by a Christian knight, Robert, is taken to the Muslim camp by his soldiers. A scene coming, in part, from the Iliad (Agamemnon in canto 11) and again readapted by John Milton in Paradise Lost to Satan during the battle between the rebellious angels and God's army. According to a legend, that has been kept till nowadays, the rock on which Andromeda was exposed to the sea Orc is situated along the coast of Jaffa: Torquato Tasso had read some 'handbooks' on the history and places of the Holy Land. Psychology, sleep, dream, darkness were among his favorite themes.

[18: 54.5 - 55.8]

He was thence carried to the sunlit coast
where they had raised a great tent, next
to the rock on which Andromeda had
appeared so beautiful, tied at the seaside.
On many-colored blankets and feathers
the knight was set, still weak; on his
face they poured water from a river
that dug its own way not far away.
And rising to sitting, he then opened
his eyes to the sun's sweet rays,
but fell back, and with black horror
a dark night again occupied them.

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