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Sunday, April 8, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 724-806

O theological Tiller of a
place beside which Parnassus
would look laughable
and bow most humbly
in spite of all laurels:
I won’t call you Apollo
[730] because You belie
Apollo’s absurd bulls**t
and dig out antique truth
stored in your mystery.
You produced paradise
embellished with shades
You discovered springs
and started rivers, so
please reveal their original
now changed courses—
[740] You did, You indeed
can make universes anew
but your Spirit absconds.
Was the third heaven where
Paul was spiritually led
paradise? Soil in the sky?
Does the moon include
observatories and woods
and green pagan parks
the property of temples?
[750] If clay can’t dirty sky
whence Artemis’ moles?
Was Plato wrong looking
for cosmic countries?
Do explorers in vain seek
paradise about the Tropics
of Cancer and Capricorn
and the Nile’s sources also
which old reports placed
in the Moon Mountains
[760] and Ganges’ sources
in the Caucasus, and Tigris’
and Euphrates’ in Armenia?
Provided they prove lucky
how could Eden display
the springs of four rivers!
Was paradise perhaps
the whole untilled world
in the Age of innocence?
Did rivers shift flows and
[770] divert their routes?
Are Eras so efficacious?
Maybe paradisiac streams
flow upward at first
then canalize themselves
into our planet’s bowels
among Dante’s damned
to surface somewhere else
as independent springs
out of the steepest slopes.
[780] You however hide
all this from our studies
not even from our eyes,
a secret remains therefore
the principle of pleasure.
When the Deluge drowned
our millenary Mother
that spring only was saved
paradoxically water-proof
on top of Paradise Peak
[790] Adam’s original hotel
not far from Phoebe.
A shadow out of time
or a geographic game?
Speak to me! You sacred
illuminator of minds
turn the soul into Eden
whose trees are thoughts
that develops via prayer
and rivers are revealed
[800] four famous virtues.
You are the waking water
flooding us with pleasure
You vial of all virtues
You Elijah’s light breeze
You the burning bush
You flaming lava.

(to be continued on Apr. 15)

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