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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 807-875

by ilTM + Selkis

Like a transplanted tree
Adam the chloro-filius was
abducted from Damascus
[810] to breathtaking Eden
as its part-time gardener
since he was not conceived
as a turd and time waster—
even if no fertilizers were
needed to Mother Nature
then much more active
whose mammae gave milk
poured in profusion,
a prosperous Pandora
[820] with a very big box
full of pleasant presents.
But a more generous job
was allotted to Adam:
to improve his mind
especially spirituality
that plays the main part
as the inner and true cult
towards heaven’s Emperor.
According to various Rabbis
[830] (who handed this tenet
generation after generation
making it wider and wilder
in several languages even
in Christian countries)
when Man was still single
without his future wife
alas the demon’s victim,
the garden he resided in
was unlike the Great Lakes
[840] in fact our forests
host no sentient plants
though numerous species
have evergreen leaves—
others show green gems
only when spring reigns
and like a young lady
the season puts on T-shirts;
some fruits fit our taste
some appeal to animals.
[850] But in God’s garden
trees with superior senses
could think and talk too.
Oh the Maker’s marvels
where fiction functions
as a thesaurus of truths!
They believed the globe
was to newborn Antrho
a limitless Metropolis
but not built by concrete
[860] not controlled by cameras
not damned by mosquitos.
There he lived happily
as the lord of the jungle
piranhas included
all honestly obeying,
they loved their leader
and served peacefully.
The City Civil Code
was more respected than
[870] our United Nations.
Some clear citizens
were actually angels
though their own homes
of high-quality light
were set in the stars.

(to be continued on Apr. 22)

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