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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 876-925

Man lived an absolutely
tranquil life as the son
and heir of the Most High
full of his powerful Spirit
[880] his faithful follower
his ecstatic student
in the paths of pure virtue
which can only be covered
by his chosen children.
Since Adam was appointed
the king of clay cosmos
over biological beings
and a king confers names
that implies personalized
[890] jobs on his subjects
as they deserve them,
LORD led all animals
before their big boss
and Adam indicated
the denominations of all.
He did it as a teacher
of Montessori method
maximizing maieutics:
none of so many names
[900] missed its mark
they guessed the essence
of biology & behavior
so that straightaway
our Sire’s spelling hit
the theological target
and the beasts obeyed
his influential language.
So many marine species
and in pools and ponds
[910] so many mammals
were well-known to him
and driven by his voice
came amicably to him
forgetting their fierceness
and saying, “Aye-Aye* Sir”
so nothing unusual if
his sons also succeeded.
Themistocles they say,
Cyrus and The Carthaginian
[920] could recall camels
and elephants and other
animals of any measures
besides their combatants
but these were exceptions
in our degenerate nature.

* Daubentonia madagascariensis

(to be continued on Apr. 29)

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