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Sunday, April 29, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 926-983

Hamlet and the Ghost. Collage with elements
from J. H. Fuseli and Salvador Dali

Since nothing is steady
in human institutions
the more so where power
makes people ambitious,
[930] most fittingly the first
man who had in himself
the icon of the cosmos
and of the cosmic King
the Maker of his mind
that man most fittingly
became the big example
of mistake and misery.
Eve did suggest his sin
whence evils and death
[940] she blandished him
against Elohim’s “halt!”
After transferring Adam
to Prehistoric Park
for his apprenticeship
before getting a promotion,
Adonai—not thru angels
or dreams, nor in ecstasy
nor in bushes or nimbuses—
He himself spoke to him
[950] as to his seraphim
in theological tongue
moving Adam’s mind
in ways beyond words:
Feel free to feed on
all plants of paradise
for all are allowed except
the venomous wood
of sainthood and sin.
If you ever eat of it
[960] you’ll die.” A direful
promise and punishment.
Man still unmindful
innocuously innocent
lacked experience proper
on hidden desires and
discernment, according
to which souls don’t survive
a divorce from Divinity.
Two deaths indeed had
[970] been threatened then.
A candid dove when
a chick unaccustomed
to dangers does feel
a confused fear inside
of indistinct death
and aware of a hawk
vanishes in the leaves;
instead of this instinct
Adam had God’s advice
[980] against Death’s ambush,
it was his personal sin
to snatch at Science
though science is positive.

(to be continued on May 6)

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