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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

[GBM] Ba Ba Baciami Bambina

René Magritte, The Lovers II (1928)

And finally Venus, as in a fairy tale, decides to awake Adonis with a kiss. The "three times" recall the -- melancholy, failed -- embraces in afterlife, Homer to Virgil to Dante (Purgatorio 2.79-81). In the last line, the "heavenly wetness" on Adonis' lips translates celeste licor, that sounds quite like celeste icor, "heavenly ichor." So, paradoxically, while Venus has plain red, 'human' blood in her veins (stanzas 66, etc.), Adonis sort of has the gods' 'biological' liquid.


Three times near his light, sweet breath she
places her lips, her kisses; then stops,
and as the spur and rein of herself
she will and won't, withdraws and goes.
Love, who does not cease stimulating,
finally forces her toward that prey,
until she dares to savor those dewy
purple roses of a heavenly wetness.

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