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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The 7 Days of CryAction 7: 984-1050

from the DantEsq. series (see all)

It was supposedly sex
to stifle his scruples
and tasting the test-fruit
he cursed the covenant.
Sin then opened the doors
to the raids of Death who
[990] occupied our orb
turning the whole world
into a gloomy graveyard
imposing himself on
not solely the first parents’
genealogy of losers
but all biological beings
until Life defeated him
and took back his booty.
As the sick ask for
[1000] their favorite food
though totally unhealthy
so that fu**ed by fever
they cause their decease
by neglecting the cure
decided by the doctor,
that sensual delusion
did daze Adam who
incurred the Reaper.
Not God gave us death
[1010] our idiocy did;
He foresaw our fall
and blessed it because
no sin, no conscience.
In order that our hearts
in a Shakespearean tempest
might not sadly sink
He gave us a government
that is his true Torah
to reach Redemption.
[1020] He saw that solitude
would mar man’s life
who was “not of wood”
therefore He decided to
have him meet a mate
and sent him to sleep
then a profound peace
permeated man’s mind.
Out of a rib a revered
body with boobs came
[1030] his higher half
and Adam affirmed,
Well done this bone
and flesh, my preciousss.
Man will leave his clan
to be one with his wife.”
Naked like natives they
weren’t subject to shame
as in their frail frames
no law was latent yet
[1040] ready to sap reason;
not a simple loincloth
hid their genitalia
unlike later eras that
demanded designer clothes
and prickly piercings.
So God the Father framed
the uncanny universe
and Man the microcosm
and Eve in the end
[1050] then quit creating.

(to be continued on May 13)

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