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Sunday, June 3, 2018


The demi-goddess (as daughter to Pluto and Proserpina), and fairy, and shape-shifter (especially into a snake), and witch from G. B. Marino's Adone, cantos 12-14. Her name means "false/liar mermaid." Beautiful (or apparently so), billionaire (in gold) and powerful, she falls in love with Adonis, but, in spite of her 'talents,' she fails to get his heart because he is already, though secretly, married to no less than Venus, the Ruler of the universe in Marino's poem. It goes without saying that the episode did not appear in the original Adonis myth. Falsirena, furious for having been rejected, will then cause Adonis' death by telling Mars, Venus' violent lover, about the affair between the goddess and the young man.

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