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Friday, June 1, 2018

Humor & the four humors

The classical theory of the four humors still has something to teach, after all. The diagram above is taken from a funny but documented book on "The True History of Hip Hop," precisely La vera storia dell'Hip Hop by Maurizio Piraccini aka Dr. Pira (website). The names of the humors, that correspond to the four classical elements, have been added by hand, but they are obvious from the psychological features belonging to each: Terra/Earth > black bile, Fuoco/Fire > yellow bile, Aria/Air > blood, Acqua/Water > phlegm.

As a consequence of what he gathered from his research, as well as of his own life experiences, the author suggests activities to be carried out as healthy practises according to one's temperament. And, yeah, they correspond to the four pillars of Hip Hop. As the Renaissance authors knew, joking is the main way of speaking seriously. So I will try his prescriptions, but won't tell with reference to which humor ;-)

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